Real Estate

On any given Saturday between the hours of nine and five, each and every half an hour a real estate auction takes place. Alex conducts these from Macquarie Fields to Richmond, Mascot to Penrith, constantly seeing the market in action. For a number of years Alex has been fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented agents across Sydney, who work tirelessly for their vendors and bidders.

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Alex loves the challenge of the average auction being 15 minutes in which we as auctioneers get to guide bidders on their biggest financial decision, balancing that with ensuring we get the best price possible for our vendors

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Having qualified as the youngest ever chattel auctioneers in 1989, Alex has constantly challenged myself to expand and perfect my skills. Alex is a licensed REA (Real Estate Agent) and Certified Real Estate Auctioneer, the only known chattel auctioneer to hold and work in both disciplines, in Australia.

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