About Us


For the past 30 years Alex Renwick has been associated with the auction business, and was trained in the old fashioned way. He feels passionately that this is an honorable profession. Transparency is required at all times, combining this with integrity and ethics that sums up the Ravenswick experience.


During this time he has worked with some of the best Australian Auctioneers & Valuers ,having worked his way up from a storeman in the 1980’s to running a decorative arts department by the age of 22 exposing him to all aspects of the business.


During his training he also worked in commercial and industrial auctioneering and valuation, selling coal mines, forklifts and farm equipment.


However Fine and Decorative Arts was his passion

Ravenswick is the creation of Alex Renwick; it is his original family name, so it is extremely personal. He commenced his training at Rushton Fine Arts in 1986, and ended up the youngest ever Decorative Arts & Furniture Manager in 1989 and a licensed Chattel Auctioneer in the same year. Before working with Lawson’s and Mason Gray Strange in various consultancy modes and latterly Assistant Manager of Decorative Arts and Furniture


Having been fortunate to have worked on some of the most significant collections, both private and institutional in Australia, he has been exposed to such a diversity of material. From The National Gallery and the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, to the Department of Finance and the Premiers Office and the Residence of the Governor of Victoria, he is known as a true generalist, as his knowledge spans a variety of disciplines. He has also been a nominated valuer for Catholic Church Insurance, and completed the inaugural valuation of The St Mary’s Cathedral (Sydney) and most of the major Cathedrals on the eastern seaboard, together with the inaugural market based valuation for The Nolan Collection (Now housed at CMAG) he has also been the valuer for Newcastle Regional Museum for a decade, and is currently involved with a full retrospective valuation of the entire collection


Having left Australia to seek work opportunities’ in The United Kingdom in the late 1980’s, he found work as a visiting Auctioneer and a cataloguer in various regional Auction Houses. Before returning to Sydney in 1995 to set up Ravenswick, where he spent over a decade in corporate valuation work with Rushton Valuers and Aon Valuation Services as a consultant, before re-entering the auction world with Shapiro in 2006, then Aalders in 2009, then Lawson’s in 2011 (valuations only)   in each instance as a consultant, twice during the last two years Aalders/Ravenswick have worked in conjunction in bringing to market the Zonnevijille Collection and the Ryde House Contents Sale.


In more recent times we had the opportunity to take the following collections to market

The Estate of the late Ann Zonnevijille, The Bialowas Collection, The Chu Hong Private Collection and the Hollylea House and The Plough Inn

Combining that with the formidable talents of the team he has assembled the result is a highly professional, with well in excess of 100 year’s experience